"Being within a network of dancers and choreographers with both talent and vision inspired-- and continues to inspire-- me to explore different styles of movement."

~ Kezia Surjanto, '15 and '17

"Bare Bones Dance Theater gives choreographers and dancers the opportunity to choreograph and/or perform whether they are a part of the dance department or not. It welcomes anyone with a passion for the art of dance."

~ Ongelle Johnson, '14 and '16

"Either dancing, choreographing, or even helping to produce the show, Bare Bones Dance Theater provides the opportunity for all undergraduate students to gain experience and hone their skills with dance and performance."

~ Jazley Faith, '16

"I'm very grateful for all of the opportunities I had with Bare Bones Dance Theater because it brought me closer to the dance community, allowed me to meet artists I wouldn't have otherwise met, and gave me the push to start creating work and discover my choreographic voice."

~ Lucy Dillon, '14-'17

"Although Bare Bones Dance Theater receives mentorship and support from the university and dance department, every aspect of most events are produced entirely for the students by the students - and that is incredibly powerful and educational. It’s amazing that you put a room full of students passionate about dance together, and the events they produce year after year is for the benefit of uniting the community together via the arts."

~ Simon Harrison, '13 to '17

"I chose to be involved in Bare Bones Dance Theater because this organization gave me an outlet to connect with people outside of the Dance Department through the medium of dance and also work in different dance styles that are not offered as courses in the Dance Department. It’s taught me a lot about being able to connect with people not just in the dance community but beyond to implement art and dance within everyday conversations and encourage the growth of connection between people through movement."

~Meg Iwama, '13 to '17

"[Bare Bones Dance Theater] expanded the creative thinking of both dancer and choreographer as working with a variable number of individuals, both inside and out of the department; providing new and exciting creative challenges. It also expanded my own experience as a dancer as the idea of community reaches further than the studio spaces that we would rehearse in." 

~ Carl Cubero, '13 to '17

"Having the opportunity to learn, work, and grow with some of my peers was something I will cherish forever. Seeing how some of my closest friends grew as choreographers while in their piece or even as an audience member, and how their choreography changed and evolved was a very special thing to be part of and a memory I will always have."

~ Ashleigh Moss, '13 to '17

"Bare Bones Dance Theater represents community and the pure joy of dance! It represents the entire arts community of UCI and non-Dance majors which is HUGE."

~ Megan Bowen, '12 to '16


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